JavaVine Cafe & Wine Bar

Sip some Coffee or Wine at JavaVine
Location: W Bay Rd, West Bay, Honduras
Phone: 504 2445-5048

Argentinian Grill

The Argentinian Grill is located in front of the Hotel Posada Arco Iris, in the middle of the Half Moon Bay, West End, in front of the beach, with a super ocean view. A beautifull place to spend afternoons and nights, in a warm atmosphere with very friendly staff that will kindly assist you every day.
Location: West End Road, West End, Honduras Website Directions

Gio`s Restaurant

Gio’s Restaurant was awarded the title of one of the Top 30 Touristic Marvels of Honduras for pioneering a dish focused on the Spiny Caribbean King Crab (Mithrax Spinosissimus). The taste and tenderness of the crab is unparalleled and a real treat for Roatan newcomers. Indigenous to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the Spiny King Crab brings a unique taste to Honduran cuisine for all visitors to enjoy. Roatan serves as both the Honduran touristic capital and the hub for seafood exportation.
Location: French Harbor, Honduras